Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Trophy Officially Unveiled

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Newport News Shipbuilding TrophyOn November 4th, the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic trophy was officially unveiled for the public, and like we had all imagined, it is a thing of beauty.

The trophy, inspired by the Nimitz-class aircraft carriers’ island house, radars and mast structure, was a product of great collaborative effort.  It all started from a concept that was turned into a computer model, which resulted in the trophy that we see today.

From concept to completion, approximately 30 shipbuilders played a role in creating the trophy and turning it into its final product.

Matt Mulherin, Newport News Shipbuilding president, talked about the skills that went into the trophy’s creation as well as how excited he was to make such a product.

He explained, “The same craftsmanship, innovation and creativity that are applied to shipbuilding have gone into the making of this trophy.  We are honored to have designed and built the Carrier Classic trophy that showcases our shipbuilding expertise, honors our armed forces and adds a distinctive element to this inaugural event.”

For a company that specializes in creating and maintaining nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard and provides after-market services for ships around the globe, making an 85-pound trophy was a task that was simply out of their ordinary routine.

However, as a result of the excitement to partake in such a great event to honor our veterans and armed forces, they welcomed this challenge with open arms, exceeded expectations and got the job done by creating a trophy that both UNC and MSU would be proud to add to their trophy collection.

Who will raise this trophy over their heads will be determined on November 11th when both teams take to the court.  Be sure to tune in to the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic this Friday for this one of a kind basketball game.

If you cannot view the trophy’s official unveiling video, click here.

To read the official press release from Newport News Shipbuilding, click here.

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