MSU and UNC will Play the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic, Rain or Shine!

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic - deck of the USS Carl Vinson

US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class James R. Evans (RELEASED)

San Diego averages 15 clear days during the month of November, and even for meteorologists, North Pacific storms can be difficult to predict.

The National Weather Service initially predicted the storm heading for San Diego would arrive Friday afternoon around the tip time for the 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.  Yet, later computer reports suggest that the storm will likely arrive late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Storms can shift direction, speed up and slow down, making predicting an accurate weather forecast a difficult task.  Thus, George Moore (spokesman for Morale Entertainment) has a plan B (in the event of rain) and states that “the game will go on, one way or another.”

If rain is in the forecast for San Diego around game time (7:00 PM ET), the 2009 NCAA national championship rematch will be played in the USS Carl Vinson’s hangar bay.  The hangar bay is a gigantic space below the flight deck where helicopters and planes are usually stored.

The USS Carl Vinson’s length of 1,092 feet is more than enough space for organizers to construct a duplicate basketball court indoors.  Still, the indoor space cannot accommodate all 7,000 guest scheduled to attend.

Thus, as a military courtesy, guests with the highest ranks will fill the 4,000 indoor seats first. (Hey, it’s Veterans Day, what did you expect, civilians first?)

The indoor (priority) guest list will read as follows:

  • President Obama, Commander-in-Chief of the United States armed forces
  • Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy
  • 2,000 San Diego Navy Sailors
  • MSU and UNC teams and coaches
  • Wounded service members who received a special invite

The design of the stands that ring the court prevents even strong winds from interfering with game play. Therefore, rain is the only element that would force the 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic indoors.

With the assistance of the most up-to-date weather forecast, organizers will make the final call of “indoor or outdoor” at 3 pm on Friday.  No matter where the game is played on the USS Carl Vinson, the 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic is sure to be one of the most unique transformative events held this year.  Tune in this Friday at 7:00 PM ET to find out if MSU or UNC will take the Veterans Day victory!

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3 Responses to MSU and UNC will Play the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic, Rain or Shine!

  1. No Rain November 8, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    If the indoor priority does not include the boosters, what happens to them? They are the only paying ticket holders, and some have paid up to $5,000 and traveled across the country. Where are they going to watch the game at? Do they get refund?

    • derek b November 11, 2011 at 5:57 am #

      Yeahl lets look out for the boosters,lmao! U gotta be kiddiing me


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