Sports Science’s Take On The Quicken Loans Carrier Classic

One of my all-time favorite segments on ESPN, Sports Science, examined all of the different variables that will go into playing a basketball game outdoors on an aircraft carrier.

As Sports Science points out, the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic is going to provide a challenge for both teams.  After all, it’s not every day that basketball teams can practice on a 113,500 ton carrier anchored down in the San Diego harbor.

First, John Brenkus takes a look at how seasickness could play a role in the game but concludes that playing on the USS Carl Vinson is actually as stable as playing on a solid ground.

Then, he talks about the vision problems that can come about from playing outdoors and the challenges of both teams having to adjust from natural sunlight to artificial sunlight at halftime of the game.

Watch the video on ESPN. You won’t regret it. It’s pretty cool.


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