Tom Izzo and Roy Williams Talk About the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Uniforms

With the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic just over 24 hours away, the Internet is buzzing about what both teams are going to wear on the court.

From the shoes to the jerseys, players know that they are going to have to look good. It’s not like this event isn’t going to be broadcast to millions of viewers around the world or anything (100% sarcastic).

North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams and Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo both chimed in with their two cents about how they feel the uniforms are more than just a fashion statement.

Coach Williams said, “Nike has been a very willing participant in trying to do everything they can to help us honor the military people in our country. Having U.S.A. on the back is something that I really love…everything is trying to draw attention to Veterans Day, and I think that says a lot about Nike.”

Coach Izzo agreed with Coach Williams’ sentiments and explained, “To wear a camouflage uniform and to have it say U.S.A. on the back, even though it’s going to be competition for the game…it’s such a bigger picture than the game. This is about our veterans. This is about our soldiers. This is about the people that represent us and keep us out of harm’s way.”

Click here to watch the entire video.

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