Happy Veterans Day

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on the Quicken Loans blog but I wanted to share it with our friends looking for information on today’s Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. Enjoy the game tonight!

Happy Veterans Day, America.

Today is the day we recognize the men and women who have served our nation over the past 235 years.

It’s a day to remember the sacrifices of people who have taken a pledge to defend us and keep our country strong.

And it’s a day that I hold dear to my heart and  memories. I did a short stint in the Army back in the 80s (that picture is my actual “welcome to the Army booklet” I’ve kept all these years) and those few years are some of the most formative years of my life. Although I was only in for a short enlistment and I never served in combat, I still feel proud to have been part of something that has such a proud tradition.

Today, our CEO Bill Emerson sent out an email to all members of the Quicken Loans family of companies and I wanted to share it here with our readers. It’s nice to be recognized. I think we all agree on that. Here’s the email:

Good morning everyone,

Today is a very special day.  A day that we recognize amazing, dedicated people of incredible service and caring.

Today is Veterans day, the annual holiday that honors our military veterans.

Today is their day.  Today is a day when we get to say thank you for sacrificing to give us a better way of life and a better sense of security.

Because of that I’d like to take a moment today and think about what this day means to you and your loved ones, our country and the great men and women we pay tribute to on this holiday.

In the past, this day has tended to fall off the radar of many people and it hasn’t necessarily received the attention it truly deserves.  That is something we wanted to change.

Thus year, we made the decision to sponsor the 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.  We felt it was a way to directly support something that gives back to our men and women who serve our country so bravely.

Proceeds from the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic will benefit the Wounded Warrior project and the Navy-Marine Corps Society.

Founded in 1904, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides financial, educational and other assistance to members of the Naval services of the United States as well as eligible family members and survivors who are in need.

Because we believe in this worthy cause, in addition to sponsoring the Classic, we are also donating $111,111 to the Navy-Marine Corps Society.

The Wounded Warrior Project is dedicated to helping thousands of wounded warriors returning home from the current conflicts and to provide assistance to their families.

On behalf of all the great people in our family of companies, I would like to personally thank each and every one of our team members who have served and those who continue to serve.

You took a pledge to defend us and our country.  Below you will see the list of veterans’ names.  If we have somehow missed you, please let me know and I will update the e-mail.

If you see these folks around the office, please take a minute and thank them for their service.

I also wanted to let you know that we are committed to hiring more veterans and we applaud the Veterans Jobs Bill.  Anything that will increase employment for the folks who served in Iraq and Afghanistan makes a ton of sense to me.

Be sure to check out Thread Nation for a special Veteran’s Day tribute to all our team members who have served so bravely.


Christopher Amez – Purchase Consultant

Erik Andary – Associate Banker

Lawrence Aquilina – Pres. Club Power Banker

Jason Arnet – Exec. Client Care Spec.

Steven Beattie – Suspense Analyst

James Beckstrom – Underwriter

Erik Berry – QLMS Closing Specialist

Ricardo Boozer – HUD Reviewer

Andrew Brown – Closing Care Rep

Robert Brus – Senior Business Analyst

Charles Chandler – Technical Supp Specialist

Jason Charles – Application Engineer

James Cherney – President’s Club Banker

Kathy Clark – Disbursement Analyst

Clayton Closson – Team Leader

Daniel Connell – Executive Mortgage Banker

Austin Conner – Senior Mortgage Banker

Terrell Cooper – Processor

Kelly Crawford – Telecom Engineer

Stephen Dahnke – Auditor

Jerry Davis – Closing Coordinator

Keith DeFour – Title Clearance Analyst

Stephanie Demps – Outbound Call Center Rep.

Andre DeWendt – Dialer Admin & ES Collect

William Dwyer – Executive Mortgage Banker

Michael Eash – Mortgage Banker

Michael Glunt – Mortgage Banker

Michael Gonzalez – Mortgage Banker

Jacque Gorris – Mortgage Banker

Venus Green – Executive Mortgage Banker

Chad Hall – Mortgage Banker

John Hart – .Net Developer

Joseph V Hernaez – Mortgage Banker

Shawn Hill – Sr. Team Relations Specialist

Timothy Hillman – External Staff Appraiser

Kevin Holland – Associate Banker

Ronald Holloman – Resolution Analyst

Curtis Houghmaster – Folder Receive Analyst

Adele Isabell – Sr. Research Specialist

Michael Jacques – Security Specialist

Todd Jennings -Executive Mortgage Banker

Mark Jones – Property Analyst

Diana Kaczmarek – Operations Director

Charles Kniffen – Suspense Analyst

Ann Marie Kramer – Pres. Club Power Banker

Matt Lauer – Sr. Data Warehouse Engineer

Christopher Lawter – Senior Mortgage Banker

Douglas Ledger- Closing Document Specialist

Adam Lesner – Executive Purchase Banker

Beverly List – Executive Assistant

Brandan Logan – Dir. of Mortgage Banking

Peter Louisell – President’s Club Banker

Thomas Lower – Dir. of Mortgage Banking

Gregory Lundgren – President’s Club Banker

Justin Machak – Dir. of Mortgage Banking

Kerrianne Mackin – Pres. Club Power Banker

Daniel Marderosian – Regional VP, Mortgage Banking

Jared Marusic – Associate Banker

Lisa McCain – Rock Construction

Robert McKenney – Pres. Club Power Banker

Steven McNiel- Suspense Consultant

Thomas McSwain – Senior Mortgage Banker

Travis Merrill – Facilities Tech

Frederick Milz – Facilities Tech

David Morrison – Telecom Engineer

Adnan Nasser – Closing Processor

Denise Naylor – Systems Analyst

Brian Neal – Senior Power Banker

Robert Noble – Associate Underwriter

Ralph Nunn – Account Executive

Terrence O’Connor – Dir. of Mortgage Banking

Joshua Offenberg – Senior Mortgage Banker

Kenneth Osborne – Software Engineer

Robert Parish – Senior Mortgage Banker

Jeffrey Paszko – Team Captain, Underwriting

Anthony Piccione – Associate Banker

Alma Piloni – Suspense Consultant

James Polk – Power Banker

Joshua Pomeroy – Exec Training Consultant

Bernard Ponder – Licensed Res. Title Agent

Gregory Priede – Mortgage Banker

Shaun Quigley – Senior Mortgage Banker

Lisa Rankin – Title Review Specialist

Richard Raskey- Mortgage Banker

Clinton Riley – Client Care Specialist

Justin Ripley – Client Care Specialist

Joe Roggero – Data Center Admin

Casey Romijn – Mortgage Banker

Roger Roskam – Business Analyst

Jeffrey Russo – Client Care Specialist

Terrell Sartor – Title Review Specialist

Michael Schaffner – Appraisal Analyst

Andrew Shell – President’s Club Banker

Joseph Simpson – Director, IT

Roy Skelton – Telecom Engineer

Mark Stoltz – Sr. Client Care Specialist

Clint Stroble – President’s Club Banker

Gary Sturm – Mortgage Banker

Richard Tuggle – Dir. of Mortgage Banking

William Upshaw – Associate Banker

Steven Urban – Sr. Appraisal Analyst

James Ureel – Contractor

Jeffrey Van Deusen – Senior Mortgage Banker

Evan Vanover – Pres. Club Power Banker

S-Paul Vonmueller – Senior Analyst

Sherald Whitfield – Suspense Analyst

Daniel Wiles – Web Designer

Ronald Wojnar – Sr. Systems Engineer

Edward Wolfe – Account Executive

James Woodworth – President’s Club Banker

Sean Wunsche – Mortgage Banker


Words can never our true gratitude.

I’ll leave you quote about Veterans Day from President John F. Kennedy, a veteran of WWII  (he was a motor torpedo boat commander in the Navy).

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

Happy Veterans Day!

Strength and Honor,


Strength and honor. Yes, that’s a great way to end this email, because that’s really what today is all about. From the bottom of my heart, I wish all U.S. veterans a happy Veterans Day – especially the ones facing difficulties and challenges on this great day.

I’ll leave you with a reminder to check out the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic tonight on ESPN. It should be a great basketball game and a great tribute to America’s service men and women.

I wish everyone a great day today.  A truly great day.

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