Event Organizer

Morale Entertainment

Morale Entertainment began with the vision to increase sports and entertainment opportunities for U.S. military personnel around the world. Founded in 2006 by a small group of patriots with a large amount of respect for our military men and women, it became Morale’s goal to use the power of sports and entertainment as a vehicle to educate and communicate a message of positive awareness.

Morale Entertainment’s mission is to entertain and celebrate the men and women of the Armed forces and to inspire appreciation and support across the United States.

The needs of those who serve are constant, both before during and after their service, and Morale Entertainment works full-time to provide support for them as soldiers and citizens. From war time to peace time boot camp to retirement, Morale Entertainment celebrates the needs of the soldiers in a way that also raises awareness to the nature of their service and sacrifices.

Morale Entertainment works to provide unique entertainment for their rest and recreation, and provides a platform and venue that helps men and women across America become more familiar with the obstacles and challenges that many soldiers face. They are more than their service and uniform. To us they are husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers. The weight of their service is also carried by their family and friends, and Morale Entertainment works to develop that understanding and compassion across the United States. We should always have a sense of them as fellow citizens and not just when we call on them to defend us.

The Morale Team

Morale Entertainment’s seasoned logistical and production resources enable us to provide troops unusual access to memorable, one-of-a-kind events including performing arts, celebrity appearances, comedy, collegiate and professional sports and motivational presentations. Morale Entertainment is comprised of career professionals who have produced thousands of national and international tours, events, and broadcast products for tens of millions of attendees.


Neither the Department of the Navy nor the Department of Defense endorses the products or services of these sponsors.