Quicken Loans CMO Jay Farner Discusses the Carrier Classic and NASCAR on Fox Business Network

Quicken Loans CMO, Jay Farner, was featured on Fox Business Network yesterday to talk about our spanking new NASCAR partnership, the process behind figuring out which team to sponsor, as well as the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic. With regards to the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic, Jay stated, “We’re proud to be the lead sponsor for the Quicken […]

No. 39 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Car Rallies at the Texas 500

Ryan Newman and the slick looking No. 39 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Chevy made a great showing at the AAA Texas 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday.

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic: A Look at the Coaches

UNC and MSU have two of the better programs in the NCAA. In both of these programs, it is about much more than basketball – it is about creating better men.

MSU and UNC will Play the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic, Rain or Shine!

If rain is in the forecast for San Diego around game time (7:00 PM ET), the 2009 NCAA national championship rematch will be played in the USS Carl Vinson’s hangar bay. The hangar bay is a gigantic space below the flight deck where helicopters and planes are usually stored.

Navy Carrier Squadron “Pump It”

A deployed US Navy carrier squadron’s version of the music video for “Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas.

2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic: Player Matchup Preview

As a true basketball enthusiast, I understand the importance of individual matchups through the course of a game. Thus, I have listed, compared, and contrasted the players for UNC and MSU to arrive at a calculated prediction for the winner of the 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.

Construction Begins on the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Basketball Court

Bright and early Tuesday, November 1st, the construction team made their way down to the USS Carl Vinson,docked in San Diego Bay at North Island, ready to start work on building the court for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.

Montford Point Marines May Soon Get Congressional Gold Medal

I saw this yesterday in the Detroit Free Press and wanted to share with our readers here on the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic site. It seems fitting as we are just a few days away from the big day and Veterans Day 2011. It’s the story of the “Montford Point Marines,” the first black Marines to be enducted into the U.S. Marine Corps.

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Trophy Officially Unveiled

On November 4th, the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic trophy was officially unveiled for the public, and like we had all imagined, it is a thing of beauty.

Ryan Newman Debuts Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Car on Sunday

On Sunday, November 6, Ryan Newman and the No. 39 team debut the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic car in the AAA Texas 500!


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