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2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic: Time Lapse Transformation Video!

  It’s Veterans Day, a time to thank and honor military veterans around the world! Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 every year because it’s the anniversary day of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. The German signing of the Armistice formally ended most of the major hostilities of World […]

Tom Izzo and Roy Williams Talk About the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Uniforms

From the shoes to the jerseys, players know that they are going to have to look good. It’s not like this event isn’t going to be broadcast to millions of viewers around the world or anything (100% sarcastic).

Sports Science’s Take On The Quicken Loans Carrier Classic

One of my all-time favorite segments on ESPN, Sports Science, examined all of the different variables that will go into playing a basketball game outdoors on an aircraft carrier.

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic: A Look at the Coaches

UNC and MSU have two of the better programs in the NCAA. In both of these programs, it is about much more than basketball – it is about creating better men.

2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic: Player Matchup Preview

As a true basketball enthusiast, I understand the importance of individual matchups through the course of a game. Thus, I have listed, compared, and contrasted the players for UNC and MSU to arrive at a calculated prediction for the winner of the 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.

Construction Begins on the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Basketball Court

Bright and early Tuesday, November 1st, the construction team made their way down to the USS Carl Vinson,docked in San Diego Bay at North Island, ready to start work on building the court for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic Trophy Officially Unveiled

On November 4th, the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic trophy was officially unveiled for the public, and like we had all imagined, it is a thing of beauty.

Associated Press Names University of North Carolina #1

After returning all five starters from last season, the Associated Press named the University of North Carolina number 1 in the men’s preseason Top 25. This is the third time in the last five seasons that the Tar Heels have been awarded the top spot in the AP Top 25.

USS Carl Vinson Sailors Prep For The 2011 Quicken Loans Carrier Classic

MSU and UNC have nothing on USS Carl Vinson Sailors-check out their hoop skills as they get ready for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic

All-Time MSU Greats vs. All-Time UNC Greats: Who Would Win?

Any sports fan loves to play these games: what would happen if Michael Jordan, in his prime, played LeBron James one-on-one for a Big Mac, or who would win a game of H-O-R-S-E between Larry Bird and Dwight Howard? In light of the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic, my imaginative side got brewin’ and I asked […]


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